Get to know the AESUB product family

We create and manufacture top-quality consumables for the 3D scanning industry, offering solutions for every potential challenge.

Applying a matte, scannable layer using an aerosol spray can is quick and easy. No preparation is needed and the scanning process can be started quickly. Ideal for small and medium-sized objects.

The application of a can requires the use of a spray gun or an airbrush system. As a result, particularly large or very small, detailed objects can be optimally covered.

AESUBdots black&white are reference targets ideal for the use of structured light scanners. They serve as markers for three-dimensional objects during digitization. AESUBdots are self-adhesive and adhere ideally to the vanishing scanning sprays from AESUB.

Der Referenzpunkteträger AESUBframe ist ideal um Bauteilserien schnell zu digitalisieren. Die modulare, leichte und extrem steife Struktur ermöglicht das verlässliche digitalisieren von kleinen und mittelgroßen Teilen.

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