AESUB – a new revolutionary scanningspray. Helps to digitize reflecting and transparent surfaces and evaporates after the 3D scanning. No more mess, no more cleaning, easy to apply, thin layer, super quality – state of the art scanningspray!

The idea of AESUB scanningsprays is, to allow faster, more efficient and accurate 3D Scanning processes. 

AESUB product overview & scanning spray comparison

Get a quick overview of all products and an optimal overview of which scanning spray is right for you.

Scanning spray fields of application​

Whether transparent or reflective parts or elements with recesses: Scanning sprays have numerous areas of application.

  • automotive
  • engineering
  • aerospace
  • energy sector
  • tooling industry
  • architecture
  • plastic design/art
  • research & development
  • and many more …

Become AESUB partner

You are active in the scanning industry as a service provider, a scan equipment dealer or in another way and can imagine that the distribution of AESUB scanning sprays rounds off your portfolio?

Contact us – the global AESUB network is constantly growing and we look forward to complementing it with competent scanning experts.

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Find out all the news about AESUB products and projects that have been successfully carried out with our scanning sprays.

AESUB on Chrome Parts

Source: https://www.industrysourcing.com/article/Scanning-chrome-parts-of-a-Ford-Super-Duty-Truck

AESUB in Hungary

Source: https://gyartastrend.hu/cikk/a-szkenner-spray-megkonnyiti-az-agyagmodellek-digitalizalasat

AESUB on industrysourcing.com

Source: https://www.industrysourcing.com/article/More-efficient-machining-of-3D-printed-metal-parts

More Efficiency with AESUB

Source: https://www.irt3000.com/en/news/2022112114103060/more_efficient_machining_of_3dprinted_metal_parts_/

Spray | Program | Scan | Evaluate

Source: https://metrology.news/3d-measurement-process-at-a-glance-spray-program-scan-evaluate/

AESUB in China

Look here: https://www.industrysourcing.cn/client/article/details.html?id=412477&tid=236&lid=

Customer voices

“AESUB helps our various hardware partners to deliver optimized scan data for difficult surfaces. It is amazing to see what a noise-free (noise, reflections) point cloud can achieve for good results in processing!”


 — Kai Gaertling, Verisurf

“With AESUB spray, we no longer need wet wipes or brushes to clean up the messy spray powder. It is like a magic wand.”


— Jason Park, Solutionix

“It’s like magic in a can. AESUB will transform the way that products are designed, developed and manufactured”


— Al Dean , DEVELOP3D Magazine

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