Fields of application

Learn all about the application areas of AESUB Scanning Sprays by means of numerous examples

Even with state-of-the-art scanners, it is necessary to apply matting spray in several application cases:​

Transparent parts

As we are dealing with optical technologies, light needs to be projected on and/or reflected off the surface back into the detector of the scanner. In case of a transparent surface, however, the light will go through the surface instead of being reflected by the same. In consequence, the scanner is not able to capture the surface structure.

Reflective parts

In case of reflective parts, such as a mirror, the light beams will be reflected in a focused way instead of in a diffused way. This means that the chance of a beam hitting the reflector of the scanner is greatly reduced and the scanner will only capture a fraction of the reflected light beams.

Deep Pocket

When the object to be scanned has deep pockets, the scanner receives a reflection from the walls of the pocket onto the bottom. This causes disturbance in the pattern of the light manifesting in the scan as “artefacts” or bad data.


High quality and accuracy

When quality and accuracy are important, you might want to apply spray to remove as much as possible all the causes like colour differences, differences in reflection, texture, etc.
The use of spray creates a matt, white coat reducing reflection and other inhomogeneities and thus provides perfect scanning condition.

In general, matting sprays used in 3D metrology for antireflective coating can be classified into the following two product groups​

Permanent sprays​

  • surface remains white after scan
  • cleaning required or disposal of scanned object

Vanishing sprays

  • coating evaporates automatically
  • no cleaning after scanning required
  • no pigment-contamination of laboratories, sensors, environments, scanners and users

Areas of application

AESUB blue facilitates and enables optical digitalization in a wide variety of industrial sectors and range of applications:

  • automotive
  • engineering
  • aerospace
  • energy sector
  • tooling industry
  • architecture
  • plastic design /art
  • digital archiving
  • reverse engineering
  • optical metrology
  • research and development
  • process monitoring
  • inline scanning
  • measurement services
  • surface inspection

Car door scan

"We can notice a huge difference with spray" Gabriel Otero, Shining3D

3D Scan of Mercedes Benz car door using AESUB 3D Scanningspray and Shining3D Einscan H

Many components that have to be scanned in the automotive industry are transparent, reflective or very shiny. AESUB products help in providing a matt, homogeneous coating and thus perfect scanning conditions. After the scan process, the coating evaporates by itself. 


AESUB for yacht optimization

"It is super easy to use" Max Grugel, Vmax Yachting

3D Scan of regatta yacht using AESUB 3D Scanningspray

The new vanishing AESUB green for large-scale scanning of transparent, reflective or glossy surfaces using handheld, metrology or terrestrial laser scanners for 3D digitalization without any need for post-cleaning


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