AESUB white

  • Permanent state-of-the-art scanningspray
  • Free of titanium dioxide nano particles (TiO2)
  • Thin and homogenous coating
  • Developed and approved by scanning experts

AESUB white is a permanent scanning spray developed by scanning experts. It is the result of consistent further development of permanent scanning sprays. The spray applies a homogeneous, thin matting layer onto the surface of the object. It is developed for optimal contrast values in optical scanning applications. AESUB white contains pigments, propellant and solvent and has been optimized with regards to material compatibility. AESUB white sets new standards by optimizing the surface’s homogeneity and reducing layer thickness. Unlike traditional sprays, AESUB white is free of titanium dioxide, associated with cancerogenic incidents through inhalation by the European Chemicals Agency.

Technical specification

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)


How to apply AESUB white?


Shake well until loud noise.


Apply AESUB white from 15-20 cm away. Spray over the entire surface that you will be scanning. Gently push down the spray button and move the can across the area using even, back and forth strokes. Move at a consistent pace without pausing at one point to achieve an even coat. Once the coat is applied, you can scan the object in usual manner.

Make sure not to spray next to your sensors and sensible equipment, as AESUB white is a permanent scanningspray containing pigments that will contaminate the nearby environment.


Scan can be started as soon as you have a stable and white coating.

Scan object in usual manner.


AESUB white is a permanent scanningspray. Coated parts need to be cleaned or disposed after scanning. AESUB white was developed to allow easy cleaning. Utilize a soft brush in combination with water and a towel to clean coated parts.

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