AESUBdots retro medical

  • retroreflective reference targets for laser light scanners
  • for medical use
  • easy, simple and fast to remove
  • Coiled on roll

Medical reference targets are essential for ensuring precise alignment and calibration during the scanning process. By placing these targets strategically on the limb , the 3D scanner can accurately capture the contours, organic shapes and dimensions, which is crucial for applications like creating custom prosthetics, orthotics, and surgical planning.

Application: Targets provide consistent reference points that the scanning software uses to stitch together multiple scans into a coherent 3D model.
Benefit: This consistency is especially important when scanning complex shapes like limbs and organic, homogenious shapes as the human skin, which may require multiple angles and perspectives to capture all details accurately.

AESUBdots retro infinity are available with an inner diameter of 6 mm.


3mm, 6mm

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