AESUB – a new revolutionary scanningspray. Helps to digitize reflecting and transparent surfaces and evaporates after the 3D scanning. No more mess, no more cleaning, easy to apply, thin layer, super quality – state of the art scanningspray!

The idea of AESUB scanningsprays is, to allow faster, more efficient and accurate 3D Scanning processes. 

Scanning spray fields of application

Whether transparent or reflective parts or elements with recesses: Scanning sprays have numerous areas of application:

  • automotive
  • engineering
  • aerospace
  • energy sector
  • tooling industry
  • architecture
  • plastic design/art
  • research & development
  • and many more …

"Even when using the most modern scanners, in many applications it is necessary to use matting agents in order to achieve good contrast values and thus precise measurement results."

AESUB product family

AESUB orange, blue and green are vanishing, selfcleaning scanningsprays with a nice and homogenious cover that allows to stick reference targets. 

AESUB white is a permanent scanning spray developed by scanning experts. It is the result of consistent further development of permanent scanning sprays.

Become AESUB partner

You are active in the scanning industry as a service provider, a scan equipment dealer or in another way and can imagine that the distribution of AESUB scanning sprays rounds off your portfolio?

Contact us – the global AESUB network is constantly growing and we look forward to complementing it with competent scanning experts.

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Find out all the news about AESUB products and projects that have been successfully carried out with our scanning sprays.

AESUB in spain

AESUB. Spray – Scan – Done Pulverizar – escanear – imprimir Quelle: https://www.pedeca.es/aesub-pulverizar-escanear-imprimir/

Applying 3D Scan Spray on large objects

Users usually measure large objects with handheld scanners or portable laser trackers. For glossy or transparent surfaces, some companies are now using a scanning spray …

AESUBframe featured on Asia Pacific Metalworking Equipment News

May/June 2022 Source: Asia Pacific Metalworking Equipment News Download:

AESUBframe on FORM+Werkzeug

The modular frame AESUBframe for fast measurement of small series of components facilitates optical single and series measurements. (April 2022) Read more on FORM+Werkzeug

Scanning wide, reflective surfaces has never been easier

April 2022 The sublimating AESUB green can be sprayed on wide, reflective surfaces with a spray gun. It makes many measuring tasks easier. Read more …

Modular target frame for fast measurement of smaller objects

The new target frame from AESUB sets objects into position for optical measurement in just a few steps. Read more: . Source: QZ Qualität und …

Customer voices

“AESUB helps our various hardware partners to deliver optimized scan data for difficult surfaces. It is amazing to see what a noise-free (noise, reflections) point cloud can achieve for good results in processing!”


 — Kai Gaertling, Verisurf

“With AESUB spray, we no longer need wet wipes or brushes to clean up the messy spray powder. It is like a magic wand.”


— Jason Park, Solutionix

“It’s like magic in a can. AESUB will transform the way that products are designed, developed and manufactured”


— Al Dean , DEVELOP3D Magazine

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