3D scan of a Cessna 441

AESUB takes off! Apply the vanishing AESUB green to large surfaces with a spray gun to obtain perfect conditions for optical 3D measurements. In this application, our partners from INVIZION scanned a Cessna 441 aircraft with a SCANTECH handheld scanner using our new AESUB green. “You can put the dots on the spray, which is …

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3D Scan of regatta yacht

AESUB for yacht optimization! The new vanishing AESUB green for large-scale scanning of transparent, reflective or glossy surfaces using handheld, metrology or terrestrial laser scanners for 3D digitalization without any need for post-cleaning.   “It is super easy to use”

AESUB meets Laserscanning Europe

AESUB and Artec Scanners! Oliver Niemann, 3D scanning expert at Laserscanning Europe GmbH, presents the advantages of the vanishing AESUB blue scanningspray together with the Artec 3D Spider for 3D digitalization. “There is no need of subsequent cleaning which is a great advantage”

Testreport – AESUB blue Scanningspray

Technology deep dive: Check out this testreport on AESUB vanishing 3D Scanningsprays for 3D scanning and thus 3D digitalization. It’s the answer to challenging parts (shiny, dark, or transparent surfaces) that can’t be cleaned. It leaves no mess and disappears after scanning. “The quality of surface with AESUB is truer than untreated”

AESUB meets a3Ds

AESUB improves the service business! Artur Skuratowicz from A3Ds GmbH gives insights into how his scanning-service business has changed since the introduction of AESUB scanningsprays. 3D scanning of transparent, reflective and deep pocket objects using 3D Scanningspray for 3D digitalization without any intensive post cleaning. It´s magic! “The data quality when scanning with AESUB is …

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